Thin and Flexible Natural Stone Material

Natural Stone Material

Flexystone thin and flexible natural stone material is a building material obtained from rocks and separated by a special technique. The material is produced from rocks that have formed in nature and provides many advantages.


Because it is produced entirely from real stone, it is preferred in areas where naturalness is required.


Usage Areas

This material is applied in many different ways in the construction sector and design fields and satisfies its users. Landscapig, interior, exterior, curved surfaces, er spaces are the main areas where Flexystone material used.

Advantages of Being Thin and Flexible

The low cost of transporting the material is thin and flexible, and the same properties maket he application cost low. The lightness of the thin stone provides the ease of appliction while at the same time giving the apperance and texture of real stone, and the flexibility of the material is advantageous for use on sloping surfaces.

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