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Benesta Acibadem Exterior Thin Natural Stone

Benesta Acibadem exterior thin natural stone is our reference where our Kudos Line model is used. Our Flexystone thin natural stone plates are selected in 61 cm x 122 cm dimension. They are cut into smaller sizes by the designer and applied on the facade. When the natural stone sheets with different texture were applied together, an unmatched appearance was obtained. The distinctive feel that fine natural stone material gives not only as an image. Also when you touch it is part of the design.


Flexystone thin natural stone material is used on the exterior of building facade. Favorite project of Benesta located in acıbadem district which is one of the central places in İstanbul.


Flexystone thin and flexible natural stone material provides great advantage in transportation cost. It is also have light weight advantage. It is water resistant with polyester material at the back and provides protection on your exterior walls. Since the stone material is a part of nature, your structures are in harmony with the environment with a natural appearance. The unique patterns and texture of natural stones, which are the gifts of nature. Allow you to create unique structures in your exterior designs.

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