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Cezeri Exhibition Uniq İstanbul

Cezeri Exhibition opened its doors at Uniq Expo in Maslak, Istanbul in April 2019. The Spuma Beige model used in the exhibition was deemed appropriate and applied for the purpose of the exhibition. The application is made of 61 cm x 122 cm thin natural stone Flexystone plates. It gives the real stone feeling that the designer wants with its application advantages to its visitors more easily. The fine natural stone material, which was found in accordance with the concept of the exhibition, was successful in giving the visitors the feeling of old time.

Purpose of the Exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition at Uniq Expo is; It is the story of Cezeri’s discoveries, which are shown as the father of mechanical science of our Anatolian culture, that inspires future generations. The subject of the exhibition was the mechanical discoveries he made with the limited opportunities of his time.

Thin Natural Stone Flexystone Material

Cezeri exhibition Uniq Istanbul The exhibition designer selected stone material in order to show the traces of the time. The contribution of fine natural stone material to the exhibition concept is quite high because it reflects the concept of the time experienced. The fine natural stone Flexystone material has had a significant impact on the project in order to reduce costs.

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